Free Math Resources for Teachers 6-8

Free Math Resources for Teachers 6-8
Free Math Resources for Teachers 6-8 - Preview

SubjectToClimate offers high-quality lessons, activities, and online resources that merge common core curriculum math skills with climate education. From understanding renewable energy to calculating carbon footprints and investigating temperature fluctuations, these middle school resources offer hands-on learning experiences that will spark students’ curiosity and expand their real-world math skills!

Unit Plan

Explore the fascinating realm of renewable energy through algebraic calculations with this standards-aligned unit plan by Effie Wolters. Learners will delve into the world of sustainable energy, gaining valuable insights into its environmental significance and practical applications.

Effie Wolters Profile

Renewable Energy Algebra

Students use algebraic calculations to explore and understand different methods of renewable energy. Click on the profile photo to learn more about educator and creator, Effie Wolters.

Calculating Peak Sun Hours
Calculating Solar Energy for a Building
Calculating Wind Turbines for a Community
Comparing Biofuels
Final Project: Renewable Energy Community
Renewable Energy Algebra Unit Plan Preview

Lessons by Teachers, for Teachers

Help students enhance their analytical skills and climate awareness through these free lesson plans by educators Dan Castrigano and Yen-Yen Chiu.

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Calculate Your Own Carbon Footprint

Students calculate their carbon footprint and learn how to make meaningful changes. Click on the profile photo to learn more about educator and creator, Dan Castrigano.

Calculate Your Own Carbon Footprint
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Rising Temperatures Over Time

In this lesson, students graph data to explore the relationship between maximum and minimum New Jersey temperatures over time. Click on the profile photo to learn more about educator and creator, Yen-Yen Chiu.

Rising Temperatures Over Time

Engaging Activities

Engage in interactive learning through activities that explore a variety of math concepts and environmental topics.

The Fish Game

In this math game, students will learn how fishing practices and the number of fishing boats in an area can affect fish populations.

The Fish Game

Solar Tilt Investigation

In this inquiry-based lesson, students will perform experiments to determine if the angle at which the sun shines on a solar panel affects the amount of energy it produces.

Solar Tilt Investigation 6-12
Making Space for Food
Fold and Forecast
Global Air Temperature Graph: Student Activity

Next Steps

Whether you’re looking to improve your students’ numeracy skills, sharpen their problem-solving ability, or review fractions, these lessons and activities offer math teachers exciting pathways to expand students’ knowledge in mathematics, science, and environmental awareness.

Keep the curiosity alive by exploring PBS activities, Khan Academy video lessons, ClimateScience worksheets, and more in our Resource Database. With common core-aligned free resources for every grade level from elementary school to high school, SubjectToClimate has your climate education needs covered!

Are you looking to improve student progress and enhance your own environmental literacy? Check out the professional learning opportunities in our Professional Development Database. Make a free account today!

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