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6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th


Science, Social Studies, Earth and Space Sciences, Health

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North America, United States, USA - West, California



Youth Climate Story: Air Pollution in Los Angeles

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  • In this video, a high school student from Los Angeles talks about the impacts of increasing air pollution and heat waves on people in Southern California. 
  • She gives a personal example of a fellow student collapsing from heat stroke during a sports activity and discusses her feelings about how climate change may affect future generations.
  • The "Introduction to Climate Justice" lesson plan and an air pollution mapping activity are included with this resource.
Teaching Tips


  • This video provides a student's perspective and may be helpful for teaching empathy.
  • It highlights the health effects of climate pollution on young people.  

Additional Prerequisites

  • The video is available to view without an account, but teachers must create a free account to access the additional materials.


  • Students could be asked to write a reflection essay or poem about the video in an English class.
  • The mapping air pollution activity could be used in a social studies or science class when discussing the effects of pollution from infrastructure and industry on communities.
  • Social studies and civics classes could use this video when discussing how societies may be impacted by more extreme weather events. 
  • Other similar resources include this video to future generations and this lesson plan about media literacy and critical thinking.
Scientist Notes

In the video, there is a contradiction that concrete surfaces absorbed a good portion of heat, thereby causing shoes to melt. Please note that concrete surfaces are not good heat absorbers, rather they are heat reflectors and conductors. The Earth surface is a good conductor of heat, hence the reason the shoe melted. Besides this, this resource is recommended for teaching.

  • English Language Arts
    • Speaking & Listening (K-12)
      • SL.11-12.3 Understand and evaluate a speaker’s point of view, reasoning, and use of evidence and rhetoric, assessing the stance, premises, links among ideas, word choice, points of emphasis, and tone used.
  • Social Studies
    • Geography
      • SS.Geog1.a.m Use paper and digital maps to ask and answer geographic questions (e.g., Where are there patterns? Why there? So what?). Analyze how various map projections distort shape, area, distance, and direction (e.g., Mercator, Robinson, Peters).
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