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Not Just Bikes


6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th


Social Studies, Civics

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  • Videos, 5 minutes, 20 seconds, CC, Subtitles

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YouTube Video

The Best Dutch Cycling Infrastructure

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  • This video is about the system of bicycle-only roads in the Netherlands. 
  • Students will learn about the benefits of these roads, including convenience, improved safety, and better quality of life. 
Teaching Tips


  • It provides beautiful footage of biking around the Netherlands on bicycle-only roads.
  • Students can visualize the benefits and see how bike traffic flows in a well-designed biking system.

Additional Prerequisites

  • There is an ad before the video.
  • Students should understand how increased bike access can result in cleaner air, fewer carbon emissions, more equitable transportation access, and a healthier population.


Scientist Notes
This resource is a 5-minute video that presents several examples of bicycle-only roads that are ubiquitous in the Netherlands. Advantages and challenges are presented, and issues with planning and public opinion are discussed. This resource is recommended for teaching.
  • Science
    • ETS1: Engineering Design
      • HS-ETS1-3. Evaluate a solution to a complex real-world problem based on prioritized criteria and trade-offs that account for a range of constraints, including cost, safety, reliability, and aesthetics, as well as possible social, cultural, and environmental impacts.
  • Social Studies
    • Geography
      • SS.Geog5.b.h Hypothesize how changes in human behavior (e.g., organic agriculture, Genetically Modified Organisms, ecotourism) can result in changes that have effects on a global scale.
  • Environmental Literacy and Sustainability
    • Standard 5: Students investigate and analyze how change and adaptation impact natural and cultural systems.
      • ELS.EX5.A.m Compare and contrast various cultural systems' viewpoints, actions, decisions, and behaviors related to sustainability. Analyze a sustainability issue by examining individual and group actions, critiquing the decision-making processes, and assessing the impact on natural and cultural systems. Understand the role of cultural and science-based evidence in evaluating sustainability.
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