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Xiye Bastida, TED


6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th


Social Studies, Civics

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  • Videos, 8 minutes, 8 seconds, CC, Subtitles

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Global, North America, United States, USA - Northeast, New York, New York City


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If You Adults Won't Save the World, We Will

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  • In this video, teenage climate activist Xiye Bastida narrates a letter to her grandmother about hope, resilience, and climate activism.
  • Students will hear Xiye's personal story, vision for the future, and inspirational call to action.
Teaching Tips


  • The video makes a strong case for intergenerational collective action.
  • A timestamped transcript is available for students who need support following along.

Additional Prerequisites

  • Students should know that Abuelita means grandmother.


  • Language arts or writing classes could write letters about climate action to family members as a persuasive writing activity.
  • Students could work in small groups to research Greta Thunberg, Al Gore, Bill McKibben, Jay Inslee, and Naomi Klein and then present their findings to the class.
  • Students could compare and contrast Xiye Bastida's letter with this video, which features an artistic presentation of an apology to future generations.
Scientist Notes
This resource is about climate activism, an important element for motivating students to take climate action. This is recommended for teaching.
  • Social Studies
    • Political Science
      • SS.PS2.b.m Analyze the rights and responsibilities of citizens (i.e., voting, jury duty, paying taxes, obeying laws). Synthesize the cultural structures, types of government, and economic systems to explain differing concepts of citizenship (e.g., Confucianism, dictatorship, theocracy, republic, democracy).
      • SS.PS3.d.m Analyze how governments address and solve problems through the public policy process.
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