Scorching Heat Wave Blisters Southwest, Headed East

Jun 13, 2022

What Does the Heat Index Mean?

A heat wave swept across the Southwest over the weekend. More than 53 million people were under heat warnings. Temperatures in more than 25 cities were at or above records. The heat will move toward the east this week. That's according to weather officials.

The first day of summer is in eight days. Very hot temperatures are expected to hit the Mississippi Valley today. The Great Lakes and the Southern Plains will see the heat by this week too.  

The weather service told the public to get ready for the heat and humidity. Hot temperatures kill more people than any other weather event, officials say.

"Your body requires cooling off at night, and actually expects it while you're sleeping," a National Weather Service (NWS) scientist told CNN. "When we have very warm overnight temperatures, your body is simply not able to cool off properly, which in itself can cause complications.”

Temperatures in California’s Death Valley peaked at 122 degrees Saturday. That was the highest in the US. Palm Springs and Phoenix, Arizona, each recorded temperatures of 114 degrees. Those matched recorded highs in the past.  

Within the next week, seven out of 10 Americans will see temperatures of 90 or higher. More than 45 million will see temperatures of 100 or higher, the NWS stated. Weather officials expect as many as 140 cities will break high temperature records in the next few days.

Scientists have long warned that heat waves will occur more often. That's due to climate change. They say they'll become more intense.

According to information in the infographic and in the story, last Saturday people with prolonged exposure to the heat in California’s Death Valley may have experienced which of the following effects? (Common Core RI.5.7; RI.6.7)
a. possible fatigue
b. heat stroke highly likely
c. heat exhaustion likely
d. heat cramps unlikely
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