Russia Strangles Gas Supply to Europe, Setting Off Energy Crisis

Sep 6, 2022

Countries across Europe are taking unprecedented measures to help their people manage high energy costs. Russia decided to stop the flow of natural gas to many European countries. So, the continent is facing an energy crisis. Leaders are worried about the fallout.

The European Union is set to meet this Friday to discuss the crisis. Three countries said they would help their people. 

Europe has tried to slowly stop its use of Russian energy. The move is in response to Russia invading Ukraine. Gazprom is a huge Russian energy company. It's controlled by the Kremlin. The company has now stopped the flow of natural gas through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. That pipeline runs into Germany. It supplies much of Europe’s gas. 

German leaders have pledged $65 billion to help its citizens. Sweden is sending $23 billion to help energy companies through the winter. France has started a huge effort to save energy. The president is asking people to cut how much energy they use. He's calling for car-pooling and lowered thermostats. Businesses have been asked to turn off advertising signs at night. If not, he said, the country would face rolling blackouts. Or, it could have its energy rationed.

The moves come as many Europeans are becoming more upset over rising energy costs. Tens of thousands of people have protested.

Photo from Reuters.

Which word from the story means “never done before”? (Common Core RI.5.4; RI.6.4)
a. sobriety
b. rationing
c. turmoil
d. unprecedented
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