Biodiversity Goals Remain Elusive, Conservationists Say

Apr 4, 2022

global effort to save many plants and animals is failing. More needs to be done to stop many from dying out. Scientists say if nothing is done, 1 million types of plants and animals could die out in 10 years.

Over the past two weeks, 164 nations have met to talk about biodiversity. Biodiversity refers to plants and animals in a habitat.

Five conservation groups criticized the conference. The groups said, “The pace of the Geneva talks has been glacial." They said the nations aren’t doing enough. 

Biodiversity helps keep ecosystems healthy. We rely on them for food, shelter, and medicine. 

“Biodiversity is securing our own survival,” an official from Uganda said. 

Officials agreed to meet again in Kenya in June. The United Nations Biodiversity Conference of the Parties (COP15) will happen later this year. At the meeting, 195 countries will meet to discuss the issue. 

Some hope COP15 leads to a deal to try and save 30% of the Earth’s land, oceans, and waterways.

But fights over money have stopped progress on the plans. The officials agreed that richer nations should spend $10 billion a year to help less wealthy countries promote biodiversity. Conservationists said that’s not enough. They argued that poorer nations need at least $60 billion per year. That's if we want to reach the 30% goal. 

Photo from Reuters.

Which statement represents a fact and not an opinion? (Common Core RI.5.8; RI.6.8)
a. Richer nations should spend at least $10 billion a year to help less wealthy countries promote biodiversity.
b. We cannot prevent a mass extinction from happening in the next 10 years.
c. Nations around the world are not doing enough to save the world’s plants and animals.
d. Biodiversity helps keep ecosystems healthy.
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