Teach Wisconsin Climate

About us

The Wisconsin Climate Education Hub was created to provide educators with quick, easy access to high-quality instructional resources to support the state’s requirement for environmental education while advancing the opportunity for educators to incorporate climate change lesson plans into already existing curriculum. 


Our Timeline

This timeline guides educators through an account of how the Wisconsin Climate Education Hub came to be, from the initial idea to its soft launch. It shows the hard work and teamwork that went into creating this valuable resource, making it easier for Wisconsin educators to teach about climate change in their lessons.

Environmental Education Standards

Wisconsin state law requires that every school district develop and implement a kindergarten through grade 12 sequential curriculum plan for environmental education (see the Wisconsin Education 20 Standards). In addition, environmental education objectives and activities shall be integrated into the kindergarten through grade 12 sequential curriculum plans, with the greatest emphasis in art, health, science and social studies education [see Wisconsin Administrative Code PI 8.01(2)(k]. Curriculum planning can be guided by using the Wisconsin Standards for Environmental Literacy and Sustainability.

WiseLearn Hub

Public awareness about the threat of climate change is on the rise, but the global need to help people around the world understand, reduce, and prepare for the threats posed by a changing climate is vast - and urgent.  Many people do not have access to the information and knowledge they need, particularly those in rural areas, international educators and scholars, and members of underrepresented communities. This Hub is designed to be a library of educational resources about climate change and intersectional topics. The resources in the Teach Wisconsin Climate hub will be included in the WiseLearn database. 

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Climate Justice Resolution

To formalize and expand support for green initiatives in Milwaukee Public Schools, in March 2020, the Milwaukee Board of School Directors adopted Resolution 1920R-016 designed to bring attention to climate change and develop an action plan for the district. The resolution acknowledges that schools should demonstrate leadership in modeling to students climate-conscious and environmentally friendly practices. As part of this resolution, a Climate Justice Curriculum Advisory Committee and a District Sustainability Team were created.

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